Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long has Sleiman Enterprises owned The Jacksonville Landing?

After nearly $40 million in costs to build The Jacksonville Landing, the Rouse Company eventually grew so frustrated with the city that it sold the property to Sleiman Enterprises for just $5 million, walking away from the issues that Sleiman Enterprises is still dealing with today, 15 years later.

2. What part of the Landing does the city own and what part does Sleiman Enterprises own?

Sleiman Enterprises owns the buildings.

The city owns the land itself and is responsible for maintaining the surrounding property – roads, sidewalks, riverwalk, etc., which are the areas now in disrepair.

3. Why is The Jacksonville Landing important?

Often spotted in Jacksonville skyline pictures, the iconic nationally recognized property is the centerpiece of downtown Jacksonville’s expanding footprint connecting the sports complex, the entertainment district, shipyards, Brooklyn, Riverside and the Southbank area.

4. Who is Sleiman Enterprises?

Founded in Jacksonville in 1955, Sleiman Enterprises develops and manages more than 100 properties throughout the Southeast.

5. What else does Sleiman Enterprises do for Jacksonville?

Sleiman Enterprises contributes to Jacksonville nonprofits and community agencies like Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers Big Sisters and more. The company’s annual charitable donations to local causes exceeded $700,000 in 2017. “Jacksonville Magazine” named Sleiman Enterprises one of Jacksonville’s “Companies with Heart.” Sleiman Enterprises' roots are more than 100 years deep in Jacksonville.

6. Why hasn’t Sleiman Enterprises redeveloped The Jacksonville Landing in its 15 years of ownership?

Sleiman Enterprises continues to stay optimistic and push for the city of Jacksonville’s cooperation and approval of redevelopment plans for The Jacksonville Landing. For nearly 15 years, the city of Jacksonville has stalled and refused to approve any redevelopment plans – including its own plans – of one of downtown Jacksonville’s most prominent attractions.

Check out all of the previous design plans Sleiman Enterprises has presented over the past 15 years here.

7. Why should the city and Sleiman Enterprises work together on The Jacksonville Landing redevelopment?

The city of Jacksonville entered a land-lease agreement with Sleiman Enterprises around The Jacksonville Landing in 2003. The next step is for both parties to cooperate in redevelopment efforts.

The original intent for building The Landing was to serve as a catalyst for downtown revitalization. Sleiman Enterprises continues to invite the city to enter into a productive and mutually beneficial discussion to work together on improving downtown and restoring The Jacksonville Landing as the catalyst for public activation, congregation and unification as it was intended decades ago.

“Finding a collaborative solution for redeveloping The Jacksonville Landing would benefit our city, our downtown urban core, Jacksonville residents and everyone who visits our beautiful river city.”

8. How can I support redevelopment of The Jacksonville Landing?

Subscribe here to stay informed on The Jacksonville Landing updates and revitalization efforts. The first step is visiting this website, the best support is being an informed citizen on The Landing’s story and its future. This is just the beginning.