Sleiman Enterprises’ response to the city of Jacksonville’s land lease termination letter

Sleiman Enterprises' response to the city of Jacksonville's land lease termination letter

This City’s letter of termination is a non-event. It’s a desperate attempt to disrespect and circumvent the legal system where we’ve already filed in court. It’s another bullying tactic by Mayor Curry and his administration that doesn’t seek a mutually beneficial resolution for taxpayers on this on-going dispute.

The City is the cause for the state of The Jacksonville Landing.

In its lease agreement, there are three things the City owns Sleiman Enterprises:

1. security

2. access

3. maintenance

It hasn’t provided these. In addition, the City has not answered our Oct. 2017 complaint that states the City is in breach of contract. We’ll have our June day in court and we're looking forward to the truth coming out.

It’s a shame that our downtown – and our city – will never reach its full potential without real leadership that doesn’t depend on these political power plays, bullying others and disingenuous actions.

Click to see COJ's land lease termination letter addressed to Sleiman Enterprises: