Sleiman Enterprises’ lawsuit against the City of Jacksonville

Sleiman Enterprises' lawsuit against the City of Jacksonville

Sleiman Enterprises, operators of The Jacksonville Landing, filed a lawsuit against the city of Jacksonville claiming multiple contractual breaches by the city that make it impossible for Jacksonville Landing to operate as a first-class retail property.

The city of Jacksonville sent a letter to Sleiman Enterprises on Oct. 17, claiming a breach of lease by failing to manage and operate the Landing as a first-class retail facility – a failure caused by the city and the reason for Sleiman Enterprises’ lawsuit.

“Regrettably, the city’s demand letter has forced Sleiman Enterprises to institute formal litigation around The Jacksonville Landing so there will be a fair hearing of its grievances,” said Sleiman Enterprises’ spokesperson Mitchell Legler. “We must stand up to the unfair tactics used by the city’s political leaders. We would have a successful property if the city would act in good faith and cooperate instead of it being all talk and no action for the past 14 years.”