Sleiman Enterprises is ready to redevelop The Jacksonville Landing

Sleiman Enterprises is ready to redevelop The Jacksonville Landing

“Sleiman Enterprises has been ready to redevelop The Jacksonville Landing since the day they bought it. And Sleiman Enterprises remains ready. Sleiman Enterprises is not allowed to change anything from its current structure without the City’s approval.

“In 2015, the city spent $100,000 for their public design plans, and we loved it," said Toney Sleiman, partner of Sleiman Enterprises. "If the city had moved forward with its designs, the construction would be completed by now, and this entire controversy would be non-existent. Think about that. We’d all be enjoying and benefiting from a nice new beautiful Jacksonville Landing."

Since 2003, Sleiman Enterprises has invested more than $1.5 million for The Jacksonville Landing’s redevelopment plans alone with several first-class architect firms. At this point, they're eager to improve the Landing.

Sleiman Enterprises' roots are more than 100 years deep in Jacksonville. Sleiman Enterprises has developed more than $1.5 billion in commercial real estate. And contributes more than $6 million annually in Jacksonville property taxes. From condos, high-rises and retail developments, Sleiman Enterprises is one of our community's largest job creators. Beyond 150 properties across the Southeast, today Sleiman Enterprises has seven developments under construction across Duval County.

It’s hard to remember now, but 30 years ago, Jacksonville Beach's A1A and Beach Blvd. was blight. The city selected Sleiman Enterprises and Haskell to redevelop the private and public blight. Sleiman conquered the private portion, Haskell handled the public areas. Look at it now! They bought, redeveloped and transformed it. They created a successful community development. They want to do the same thing downtown at The Jacksonville Landing.”

“We bought the Landing to redevelop it.
Everyone knows we bought it to redevelop it.
Everyone wants it redeveloped.
It’s been 15 years.
Let’s do this!”
– Toney Sleiman, Sleiman Enterprises

View previous design plans here.

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  1. I fully support these actions. Just imagine if the 2015 plans co-exist with what Shad Khan is trying to do with the shipyards. I would never leave downtown! Jacksonville is one of the largest cities in the U.S by land area and I feel we need to use it to our advantage. If you go to Orlando and see how far advanced that city is, it puts the city of Jacksonville to shame. But I also do believe that instead of building a courthouse that is bigger then the White House we should have put that money to something to attract tourist. Jaguars stadium, we need a canopy of some sort. Miami Dolphins are one of the most sorry teams out there and with what they did to that stadium is pretty nice. But back to our beautiful city everything needs to be revamped. Our Skyscrapers, parks, and our ransportation. If the shipyard is anything that it plans to be, it will put Jax back on the map with much more things to do and have way more fun in the area. Currently if you asked anyone that actually lives in Jax where do you have fun??? The Beaches is the first thing they will say, Downtown would be the last thing on there mind.

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